About the directory

About our Ethical Tech Directory
The Ethical Tech Directory is a free resource provided by Ethical Pixels, an independent web design and UX consultancy.

This directory is a free resource provided by Ethical Pixels, an independent web design and UX consultancy.

On our own journey to make the solutions we create as ethical as possible, we found we had to carefully consider the technologies and suppliers we used, and evaluate whether they aligned with our mission.

We this helps other people find options or alternatives for their own projects and sparks interest in more ethical technology usage.

Our list doesn’t feature every possible company or platform, but rather the ones we have first-hand experience with, and can attest to their efforts and credentials. Your definition of ethical technology may also be different to ours, so rather than absolute definitions, we simply strive to always put our best foot forward and continue learning along the way. 

Want to get listed?

As this list is primarily for technologies or organisations we have worked with directly, why not reach out to us and say hello? We’re always interested to meet potential new ethical technology partners.

We consider user privacy, sustainability, positivity, accessibility and overall ethical business practices as important aspects of any solution, you can read more about this in our Ethical Statement

If your organisation, platform or technology aligns well with these ideas, there’s a good chance we’ll add you to the directory. There is no cost for access, or to be included.

Most importantly – we’re not saying our list is conclusive, exhaustive or anything of the sort. These are solutions we have experience with and can speak with knowledge on their various merits. If something doesn’t look right, or if you have something to add, let us know.

Collaborate with an ethical agency

We made this resource, so if you think we could make something great for you, please get in touch.

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