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Quick, safe and secure hosting for your website
We’ve discovered over the years that not all web hosting is created equal. So, rather than navigate the different levels and qualities of support and service available from hosts that treat you like just another number, we thought we would offer our clients consistent, quality hosting that we know inside out. It makes things better for our clients, and easier for us when we build websites.

Shared Web Hosting

Included free for the first year when commissioning a new website, shared hosting is a great starter option for most simple websites. Our client sites live together on the same box, isolated from one another.

We believe, like any other good service in the digital age, that your website shouldn’t be limited. On this plan, we do away with limits (although a fair usage policy does apply).


Scalable Cloud Hosting

Some sites require a little extra oomph. Online shops or communities have more complex requirements, and may experience spikes in traffic. You wouldn’t want your site to go down the instant it gets popular, and scaling your website while people are using it can be tricky.

That’s why we have experience in fully scalable cloud web hosting using Amazon’s Elastic Cloud. Scale your site up and down to meet demand, and ensure your users always get a fast, secure experience. Best of all, you only pay for what you use.


Powered by 100% renewable energy

As part of our commitment to ethical technology usage, we now offer all our clients the option to host their website(s) using 100% renewable energy, independently verified by the Green Web Foundation

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Compare hosting options

Shared resource
Dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Sufficient power for simple websites
Host online shops, communities and more
Has to be migrated in order to scale
Scale up and down easily to meet demand
Powered by 100% renewable energy 🍃
Renewable options available
Email hosting included
Email must be hosted separately
SSL Secured as standard
SSL Secured as standard
Basic DDoS Protection
Enhanced DDoS Protection and firewall
UK or US based servers
Servers in your preferred jurisdiction1
99% Uptime
99.9% Uptime
Unlimited2 data transfer
1-7 TB transfer
Robust backups in place
Daily backups and optional Disaster Recovery
Domain configuration included
Configuration and domain management
Free for the first year, annual payments thereafter3
Paid monthly or annually

1 Where available. It may not be possible to host in certain countries or regions due to evolving legislation.
2 Unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage and email features come without preset limits but are subject to fair use. We reserve the right to review pricing or service provision in rare cases where usage is not fair and proportionate.
3 Basic hosting is free for the first year only when commissioning a new website with Ethical Pixels. Renewals annually.

Need ethical web hosting for your website?

As us about quick, performant and secure hosting powered by 100% renewable energy.

Need help or support?

We’ve all been there. Support for our website customers is now managed on a ticketing system, to make sure you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Sending an email automatically creates a support ticket.