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88.4% of people reported visiting a company’s website as the first thing they would do after searching online. This goes to highlight the importance of having a web presence. In a world where we’re used to getting quick answers to our questions, it would be easy enough for users to bypass your business if it didn’t have a web presence.
What does your website need to do?
We create all sorts of websites
We recommend:

Showcase an organisation online

Brochureware Websites

Your website is like your shop window. It is one of the first things people will see of your businesses when searching, and can be a huge part of someone’s first impression. It’s important that people can research you online.

Bring a community together

Community Websites

Connect communities online and enable people to load and manage their own content. It’s never been easier to run a community website.

Engage audiences & keep a website relevant

Dynamic Websites

Create dynamic systems for automatically sorting, filtering and displaying the most relevant content in the right places of your site. Make changes once and see them reflected across the entire site.

Sell products online with ease

Ecommerce Websites

Leverage the convenience shopping online provides and sell online round the clock. Use automated tools to manage your e-commerce empire.

Engage subscribers & provide exclusive content

Membership Websites

Build a subscription platform with exclusive, members-only content. Our bespoke, dynamic web applications use automation to take control of your network and make it easier for you to grow.

Do something completely new online

Bespoke Websites and Web Apps

If existing tools don’t fit the bill, we can create bespoke web software to do the job. Anything from data portals to reporting services and beyond.

Not sure yet?

Let us help...

We understand – there are so many options! The truth is that almost anything is possible online these days. So if you’re not sure where to start, let us talk to you about your requirements and we can suggest a range of options to suit.

"Ethical Pixels explained every stage clearly making the whole process very easy to understand."
Russell Seymour,
"Ethical Pixels has been so helpful with a UX review of our website"
Jared Hodgson,

What makes our websites different?

🚫 No monthly fees

Some companies charge you a monthly “maintenance” fee for a certain amount of updates or changes that you may or may not use. We keep it simple – you pay a competitive, fixed price for your annual hosting. No hidden costs.

🔓 It's your website

We don’t put our logo on your website or use your site as an advertising space. We love to shout about the websites we create in our case studies, but your site is for your content, not ours, and our work should speak for itself.

👍 Easy to maintain

It’s our aim that non-technical users should be able to update their own website. We hear enough horror stories about so-called “build it yourself” solutions that we put together our own tried-and-tested page builder package that’s easy as pie.

Case studies

Website Projects

Examples of websites we’ve created, and the results.

Vertis Accounting

Churchfields Weddings


Storied Lyrics

Not sure what kind of website you need?

No problem, we'd be happy to talk through your requirements and advise you on a range of approaches, no obligation and no pressure.

Need help or support?

We’ve all been there. Support for our website customers is now managed on a ticketing system, to make sure you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Sending an email automatically creates a support ticket.