ProPix Videos

Our responsibilities for this project:
  • Distillation of core messages through visual storytelling
  • Storyboarding video flow
  • Creation of key static visuals for use in video
  • Animation and motion graphics
We’d already worked with ProPix back in February of 2020, creating them a basic one-page website. When Founder Matthew Bayley approached us again, he wanted to step things up in advance of the app launch.
We committed to creating a new, more fully-featured website for ProPix, but Matt wanted to take things a step further. Introducing a new app concept is tricky, especially when the audience has nothing to compare it to. That’s the trouble with being first to market with an idea, you have a bigger hill to climb in terms of initial user comprehension. That’s why we created a series of 30-second videos to help people get to grips with the idea behind ProPix:

The process:

A video, just like a website, needs structure and planning in order to make sure it is effective in communicating it’s message to an audience. Video can arguably be more brutal, with the average retention span for moving images coming in at between 30 and 90 seconds. 
In exactly the same way as a website wireframe shows off how the site is going to be strcutured before we get into the more fiddly coding aspect, a storyboard outlines the flow of a video from shot to shot. Both make it easier to change the approach, reducing the costs involved with revisions and rework.

We created storyboards for ProPix to review that oulined the flow of the videos from beginning to end:

Ultimately, as we’d already been involved in creating supporting imagery for ProPix, it was easy for them to provide us with PixPacks (the company’s proprietary term for galleries) and images that we could drop into high-quality animations to showcase the message.

After reviews with ProPix, we ultimately created two variations of the same video, to show off ProPix in the best light, one with the entire phone screen visible, and one zoomed in to make the most of the lovely images the app has to offer.
ProPix’s Matt Bayley said of the videos:

From concept to completion, working with Ethical Pixels was extremely effective for our latest campaign.

You can watch other ProPix videos over at their YouTube channel.

If you’d like beautiful and polished promotional videos to explain your product, service or business, consider Ethical Pixels.

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Client Name:
ProPix App
Project Date:
April 2020
Services used:
Marketing, Media
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