Real, Effective First Aid Training

Our responsibilities for this project:
  • Iterative design and build of a new responsive website
  • Creation and sourcing of visual assets to support the brand vision
  • Digital solutions to support audience participation to nominate and vote for organisations to receive free training
  • DNS management and switchover from old website to new

We were recommended to the lovely Gwion Humphreys at Real, Effective First Aid Training by another of our happy clients. They introduced us as being “approachable and helpful when you get stuck”, so we knew we had to live up to the compliment! 

Gwion had a website that was built by another supplier a year or two before, but it was limited in what could be displayed and occasionally didn’t work as intended. Most importantly, there was no easy way for Gwion to edit the content and keep his site up to date. Requests to the developer to make updates went unanswered, and any site that can’t be kept up-to-date can’t accurately represent a business. 

We knew we could help.

The process

As ever, we began with a deep-dive into Real, Effective First Aid Training. What the offering was, and how people come across them. We take this information and use it to build a sitemap based on the key information that people are looking for, and to make sure we can keep track of what we’re proposing to build over the lifetime of a project. 

Like our own industry, first aid training is quite saturated, so we also embarked on a process to highlight just how many people Gwion had trained, and their positive feedback. 

Retention of any learning material is usually proportionate to how you’re taught, and the huge library of positive feedback was indicative of the quality of training Gwion offered, and could help him to differentiate in the market.

As usual, it was critical to give off a correct sense of the personality of the company (or individual), the offering, track record and expertise.

We then progressed onto our typical wireframe and design piece, designed to test out layouts and give the client an opportunity to feed back, get involved and even show off proposed designs to customers and gather feedback – all before a single line of code is written.

T1 - About – WF T1 - About
T4 - Service – WF T4 - Service
Case Study
T7 - Testimonials – WF T7 - Testimonials

This approach tends to make the overall project quicker and reduce the potential pain of amendments and re-work that arise from an incomplete scope. 

Gwion decided to populate the majority of the site content himself using our Page Builder tool. This is not only a great way to get familiar with the intuitive method all our clients can use to manage and update their website moving forward, but also something that puts control of the site where it belongs – with its owner. 

The outcome

After some light testing, the site was launched to a great reception. Most importantly, Gwion gave us the following feedback, complete with his typical energy and exuberance:

"DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!!! DON'T YOU DARE!! I promise you that Ethical Pixels will not only be the easiest, friendliest people to work with but will deliver exactly what you want, in an amazing timescale and a price that couldn't be beaten! stuff the price though...the value you will get is second to none...and I mean none! I cannot recommend Larry and the team highly enough on every aspect of the project journey... so stop searching and give them a call."
Gwion Humphreys,

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Client Name:
Real, Effective First Aid Training
Project Date:
September 2021
Services used:
Build, Design, UX
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