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Our responsibilities for this project:
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and design of key site pages

This example is an oldie, but a goodie. Our team have been developing solutions for good causes since long before Ethical Pixels formally existed, and this is one such example of a site to help bring communities together.

TeamTV is a non-profit group of filmmakers and film enthusiasts. They wanted a website that would help them connect with their members and supporters alike, keeping them up to date with the latest shoots and activities, as well as attract new members to the group.

We started by taking the time to understand these different user groups and their needs. We wireframed different website solutions until the balance between their friendly, modern approach and preference for skeuomorphism that would be familiar to users of all ages and backgrounds.

We finally designed the page layouts and used talented development partners to build the final site.

TeamTV appreciated our approach in that we treated them the same way we would any other client, and they got a great new site out of it. The group was happy with the results, and especially the introduction of a content management system (CMS) that meant different members could manage the website, update it and hand off easily to one another.

Read more about our web design offering, or the complete range of User Experience services we offer.

No fees were paid for the creation of this website. As part of our ongoing effort to support local nonprofits and community groups, we will occasionally engage in some pro bono work, like this website and associated marketing materials.

Client Name:
Project Date:
January 2008
Services used:
Design, UX
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