Introducing the Ethical Pixels Knowledgebase

17th November, 2021
Ethical Pixels
3 minutes

It’s official, we’re making things even easier for our clients when it comes to editing and maintaining their websites.

When we hand a new site over to a client, we work hard to do sufficient training and handover so they know how to manage their site. We also know it can be very easy to forget how to do things if they haven’t logged into their site for a while. This is why, over the years, we’ve recorded and sent a number of short videos on common edits that people can refer back to.

Considering how useful these have been to our clients, it made sense to record more versions of these videos that anyone can refer to.

This is why we’re launching the Noble Digital Knowledgebase, where you can find a series of video resources where we’ll take you through how to use the different parts of your website.

Please note

The Knowledgebase is an exclusive resource, only for active website clients of Noble Digital. If you would like access, please log a support ticket and we'll get you a login straight away.

We now suggest our clients use these videos as their first port of call for working out how to do something. While all of our sites are built on a common framework, we also tailor them for each of our clients, so there is always the chance that the specific instruction you want hasn’t been recorded yet, or looks slightly different. Each individual video also has a rating option, where you can tell us how helpful that particular video is. Please tell us what you think, so we can make further improvements and create new videos.

It is our plan to release new tutorials periodically, to keep up with the latest functionality we can offer, to share best practice knowledge, and to help our clients get the most from their websites.


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