Offline Day – Take some time away from your screen

1st October, 2021
Larry Brangwyn
2 minutes

You may think it’s a little counterintuitive for a Digital Agency to recommend switching off, but balance is paramount in everything. It’s important for physical and mental health to have a break from your devices and the internet every now and then, especially so for those of us who use them for a large portion of every day! That’s why we support the idea of a regular offline day, and want to share the concept.

The r/OfflineDay community on Reddit wants to extend the awareness to go offline, or off the screen from time to time. It’s about breaking routines to gain some perspective.  In fact, you can join in every first Friday of the month at sunset to disconnect from distractions and re-align for 24 hours.

So, today at Sunset, consider taking some time away from your screens.

A happy weekend to everyone.

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