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The right tools for the job

First off, we love WordPress. It’s the world’s leading content management system, and for the majority of our clients, we recommend it as the platform of choice for their new website. This is mainly because we know we can achieve what you need using this platform at a reasonable price, and that you’ll find it easy to edit it when we’re done.

This isn’t to say that it’s the right choice for everyone, however. There is a whole galaxy of options for developing your next website or web application, and we’ll always discuss these options with you to make sure you’re considering the most appropriate ones.

We’re aware some people may have had less than positive experiences with WordPress in the past, but like any tool, we are convinced this is more to do with how it has been configured as opposed to something about the platform itself.

At any rate, every one of our clients are happy with how we’ve put WordPress to use for them, even the one or two who had mixed experiences with WordPress in the past. We’ll explore why we usually recommend the platform below.

Q: What do the Star Wars Blog and the White House have in common?
A: WordPress!

Why we recommend WordPress

✍️ Easy to update and maintain

Our page builder interface makes it easy for you to build, maintain and update web pages visually, no specific coding knowledge is required.

🌐 Ongoing Support

WordPress now underpins over one-third of the modern web. The project has extensive resources and committed ongoing development, meaning it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This means your site can have longevity.

🧩 Extensibility & Plugins

Due to this widespread use, there are over 55,000 extensions and plugins available that have solved common problems. This means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, meaning it’s cost-effective to implement certain functionality. 

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Community Oriented

Lots of people the world over are invested in the use of WordPress as a platform, and are happy to help one another out and share their knowledge. This means better solutions, and better availability of developers and specialists to involve in more bespoke builds.

🌱 Flexible & Scalable

WordPress can be taken to almost any hosting provider, and scaled to meet the demand of an increased user load. We believe you should be in control of your website and not be tied to us forever if you don’t want to be. That’s why we make our websites easy to port, and easy to scale.

Scale with confidence

Sometimes websites like online shops and user communities need more resources than others, and scaling your website while people are using it can be tricky.

That’s why we have experience in fully scalable cloud web hosting using Amazon’s Elastic Cloud. Scale your site up and down to meet demand, and ensure your users always get a fast, secure experience. Best of all, you only pay for what you use.

Let's make something great together

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Need help or support?

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