Digital solutions to track Coronavirus

20th March, 2020
Ethical Pixels
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We’re always interested in technology being used as a force for good. A lot of people will be very worried about the current global situation and Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are the sort of person who likes to know what’s going on and how the disease is progressing, there are several options available. People all over the world sprang into action to hook into reporting data and provide real-time data visualisation.

UPDATE 23/11/2020: We’re sad to say that our favourite dashboard has closed down, due to costs and difficulty getting good data into the system. We’d like to thank u/Demonicious for providing such an amazing tool, and suggest that anyone who found their work useful buy them a coffee to say thank you.

In the meantime, Google has rather helpfully baked a dashboard into their search results, making it even easier to see useful stats at a glance.

Our favourite at the time was the brilliantly designed created by redditor u/Demonicious, which is on-screen in our office at the time of writing. We appreciate a blend of useful data and pleasant design.

However, it’s important to get correct information, and if you prefer more of an ‘official’ source, the World Health Organisation provides their own dashboard. Johns Hopkins University in the US also has a widely shared coronavirus dashboard.

Furthermore, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy produced a list of available dashboards and data visualisation options, in case you needed more than 3.

We’ve already seen a 20% rise in internet traffic this week off the back of more people working, learning and playing from home, so it’s also important we try to use the bandwidth we need.

Finally, we recognise that focusing on the news surrounding the disease and its progress isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing for everyone. Even in good times, we all need a break from the news and social media from time to time. If you or anyone you know is suffering from anxiety around current events, perhaps don’t fixate on dashboards, and make sure to read the latest advice on looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak from the Mental Health Foundation.


Thanks for reading. We hope you found it useful

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