Happy Holidays from Ethical Pixels for Christmas 2020

24th December, 2020
Ethical Pixels
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ℹ️ We have rebranded to Ethical Pixels. This article may contain references to 'Noble Digital' that are difficult or impossible to change, or are left as-is for posterity. Find out more here.

What a year it’s been for all of us. Everyone has been affected by the challenges posed by Coronavirus, we completed a range of high-profile projects and even relocated Ethical Pixels to Lancashire.

During all the change, we think it’s important to keep in touch with the people we’ve worked closely with during the year and create an annual Christmas card. As we can’t send one to every single one of our contacts, we like to share the design here too. Our ASCII-inspired Christmas Tree is reflective of the high volumes of work we’ve done this year to create user-friendly websites at the same time as levelling up our WordPress expertise to new heights.

So, thanks again for your business, this year more than most, and we’d like to wish all of our clients, suppliers, friends and the people we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to this year a very happy holiday. We look forward to seeing you all and continuing the great work in 2021 with renewed optimism for the year ahead.

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